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Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas for the New Year

Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas for the New Year

What are the top bedroom design trends for 2022? Choose from gorgeous luxury contemporary rugs to sustainable materials this year. Create the dream bedroom you deserve. Your bedroom serves as an oasis after a busy day. Relax and unwind in your own unique space. Follow these exciting trends for the upcoming year from our design experts.  

Splurge and Spoil Yourself 

If we are honest with ourselves, the last two years have been difficult and stressful. You deserve to splurge and spoil yourself with comfy pillows, calming artwork, and lush luxury contemporary rugs. Whether you have a large spacious home or a smaller urban dwelling, you deserve a bedroom which brings you joy and rest. So buy that original art piece or modern rug. Make yourself happy. 

Get Comfy 

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom. Decorate with candles, plush bedding and pillows, and photos of your loved ones. Add favorite books and shelving with your favorite memorabilia. Create a cozy space. Add a smart speaker that plays soothing meditative music. Use calming colors like sea green or sky blue to emphasize sereness and nature.  


One point that all savvy homeowners agree on is the importance of sustainability. Choose natural fibers and materials. Opt for materials that are recyclable or recycled or handmade. Sustainability matters to young homeowners especially. Furnish your gorgeous bedroom with eco-friendly materials and furniture. Search through out exciting collection to find the perfect artisan rugs for your home. 

Living Plants 

Keeping to nature and sustainability, you can bring nature into your home with real living plants. Add gorgeous hanging plants, vines, or even succulents to your home. They bring a splash of life and greenery to your home. Bring the outside in. And during the winter months, nothing lifts the spirit like vibrant foliage. 

Natural Light 

Bring in natural light for refreshing sunshine. Eggshell rugs and mirrors can help reflect light throughout the room. You want your bedroom space to be bright and pleasant. Avoid dark and brooding colors. Instead enjoy the beauty of the sun and nature. If you don’t have options like large windows, install new lights. Light-colored rugs offer additional brightness for a room, or even opt for bright yellow to emphasize the sun.  

No matter what style you need for your bedroom, KB Rugs has the right option for you. Check out the region’s largest collection of rugs. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the perfect rug to fit your unique lifestyle. Call us today. 


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