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4 Inspirational Contemporary Rug Ideas for Small Apartments

4 Inspirational Contemporary Rug Ideas for Small Apartments

When you live in a small apartment, every bit of space counts. One the most exciting trends for 2022 includes using designer contemporary rugs in innovative ways to make the most of your available space. What are some of the hottest ideas for 2022? Check these top trends out. 

The Contemporary Home Office 

Forget about piling into the office day in and day out. In 2022 what matters is working from home in style. How can you do this? Use beautiful designer contemporary rugs to set aside a designated space for your home office. Create a beautiful modern nook with a bold geometric pattern or artsy traditional hand-woven rug. Add ergonomic office furniture, a few plants, and fashionable art pieces to complete the perfect executive suite in your own home. 

Durable Style for the Busy Family 

Area rugs offer a durable option for busy families with young children and pets. Easy to wash, affordable, and stylish, every home benefits from the tasteful addition of modern rugs. Not sure which option to choose? Ask our helpful staff about our extensive option of rugs perfect for your lifestyle needs. Choose from any of our extensive collections:  

  • Modern  
  • Traditional 
  • Persian Rugs 
  • Contemporary  
  • Chobi Rugs 

A rug provides a valuable way to designate a space for children, pets, or even for doing homework. Need something easy to wash or able to withstand pet stains? Contact us to find out which brands fit your needs.  

Rugs on Carpet 

This once total taboo has become a common trend seen in 2022. Why would you put a rug over a carpet? Many rentals only offer wall-to-wall boring carpet. Often the carpet in the apartment is cheap, looks worn, and has stains. If you move into an apartment with a cream or white carpet, you might worry about tracking dirt, your toddler spilling spaghetti sauce on the floor, or your pug tracking dirt throughout the living room.  

Purchasing a stylish new contemporary rug gives you the option to add your own particular style to your apartment. Additionally, you can easily clean an area rug without expensive professional carpeting cleaning costs. Additionally, when you move, you get to take your rug with you! Quickly transform any room into your own with a large modern rug.  

Go Scandinavian 

Another popular trend involves stealing the Scandinavian look. Sleek, minmalist, and modern, transform your apartment into a spacious place with clean lines, neutral tone rugs, and unique art pieces. This look brings you well-being, peace, and joy. The lack of clutter will make your apartment seem expansive and large.  

Contact the carpet experts at KB Rugs today. No matter your unique needs for your apartment or house, we offer the largest selection of modern contemporary rugs in Canada. Contact us today and discover what makes KB Rugs stand out from the rest!  

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